Wednesday, July 10, 2013

This and That

WELL, I have been having some blogging difficulties every since coming back from the houseboat trip.  My camera is broken and I have been using Bud's camera and my cell phone to take pictures so that complicates my ability to just do the same old thing that I have been doing when uploading pictures.  Everything seems to be in different files and more difficult to find not to mention that I am having some difficulties finding them when I use my phone and email them to myself.  That combined with taking a little break from the computer frustrations has led me to the apathy of blogging lately.  I will need someone younger than me to help sort out my technology problems or more patients to explore the problem.  
 Bud has moved his office to just across the lobby.  It is a bigger office with more storage space.  It is looking the cleanest it will be with the move.  He is happy with the new space.
 He even managed to put his pictures up on the wall.  He didn't get to this task in his last space because there really wasn't much space,.
 Last week was the National Cherry Festival in TC which means that there were lots of crowds in town   One day we did go downtown to check out the new space at Clinch Park.  They put in a new splash park where the old zoo was torn down.  It wasn't working correctly just yet but it looks like it should be a nice place for families.  Don't ask me how this picture got over to the side except to say that I pushed some button and I can't fix it.  Technology is still working against me today.  Anyway, the carnival was in town for the festival and so were the tourist .  We tend to stay away from the crowds but did manage to get out and see the parade on the last day.

We spent the 4th of July over at the Noble's cottage.  It was a quiet event since most of the kids were not in town or uninterested in spending too much time with the adults.  We came back across town before the fireworks so we didn't have to fight the crowds.  Bud went to bed since the fireworks don't start here until about 10:30 but I did see a few high up ones through the trees right from my living room.
This past Sunday we did get out on the boat again.  I think that is the 3rd or 4th time this year which is pretty good for us.  Our friends, Bill and Joan came along with us.  It was a great day on the water, hot with a nice little breeze.
They had some friends from Nebraska visiting so this was their first experience on the water in a sailboat.  They loved it but then again who wouldn't??  We did have an little 'hat overboard' episode which caused us to go around a couple of times before Bill managed to grab it with the boat hook.  That was pretty good for us since we usually aren't very good at retrieving things that go overboard.,
Since I am having technology difficulties I will just continue to go on from here and sign off.  I will work on my skills and see what I can do to fix them but don't be too surprised if I continue to be frustrated.