Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weekend activities.

Friday evening Bud had a dinner commitment so I decided to have a date with Leo.  We arranged to meet in Cadillac for dinner.  I hadn't seen him in a month or so and decided he needed a little time with his sister.  We had a good dinner and a nice talk.  It was great to just meet him half way.  We need to work at doing that more often.  It is about and hour drive for me and about 45 minutes for him  

 Saturday I took another class on landscape quilting.  I took a class with Jessica from this lady last winter.  This one was a little different and it was a fall scene.  I had a little more trouble with this one.  I think I put too much color in the background so the trees didn't show up as much.  It is an interesting technique and I enjoy working on this type of project.  This lady was at Art Prize in Grand Rapids and was in the top 25 so she is very talented.  She is a great teacher and a wonderful artist with small pieces of fabric.
Bud spent the morning working at the Yacht Club helping with fall clean up.  In the afternoon he started on our yard.  It was quite covered with leaves.  He only worked a while and then we decided that a movie would be in order for us in the evening.  We went to see Argo.  It was an interesting movie that centered around the Iranian Hostage problem in the Jimmy Carter administration.  Since it was just a review of history for the two of us, we found it interesting.  Of course since Bud was beside me, I could be reminded of the actual events when we talked about the movie later. He has a wealth of information about history in his brain so I was able to be reminded of the actual events.  The movie followed the events pretty closely and we both enjoyed watching it.
 Today Bud went back to his leaf project.  He managed to pile up this large pile, waiting for someone to come and pick them up.  It is quite a big pile.
 Then He decided he needed to mow the lawn one more time.  I told him I didn't think it was necessary but he didn't listen to me and did it anyway.  I think that we are ready for winter.
 While Bud was working outside, I was inside doing laundry and sewing.  This is a new project that I am working on.  I just started it this past week.  I am using fabric that I already had and trying out this pattern. I am 'making it my own' by changing some things and just using a couple of different fabrics instead of the 8 different ones that was recommended by the pattern.  Besides, I wanted to use up my old fabrics, not buy some new ones.  I am about half way finished.  You can see the tree emerging from the part that I am working on.  It will be a wall hanging.  I am making some smaller projects after finishing that large quilt I showed in my last posting.  I like the way this one is turning out.
This is the pattern cover.  I think mine will look great too, just different.

SO, don't be afraid to make things your own, think outside the pattern and break a few rules.

I wanted to include a picture of Aunt Ruth in this posting but was unsuccessful in uploading the picture that I found.  I don't exactly know why I couldn't upload it but I became frustrated and gave up.  Anyway, Aunt Ruth, Dad's sister, died this past week.  She is the 4th child in his family to die.  She was a great, tough Lewis, living to be 94 years old.  She was the oldest girl too so she will be missed by her younger brothers and sisters.  Just like a Lewis, she was the next one in line and so it was her time to go.  The children in Dad's family are leaving this world in the same order that they arrived.  It all seems a bit strange but it is just part of 'Lewis story'.  Tomorrow I will drive to Coleman for the funeral.  I am glad that I stopped to see her this summer, just before she turned 94.  She was a Lewis, through and through and a wonderful woman.  She will be missed by all but I'm sure that she is in a much better place.

So, spend time with family, enjoy a hobby, do a little work and break a few rules, maybe even 'be a Lewis' if you can.

Friday, October 26, 2012

NOT by the hair of my chinny chin chin

This last week I was talking to a wonderful woman at my quilt group.  However, I was slightly distracted by the LONG  white hairs growing out of her chin.  I know that she is of a different generation and probably not as vain as me but it just set me to thinking and I wanted to get on the record with family and friends.  If you ever notice a LONG white hair growing out of my chin, PLEASE tell me.  If I am in a coma or unable to see those hairs myself, please remove them in any way possible.  Pluck, cut, or shave them away and while you are at it, put on a little mascara or something to make me look good.  Comb my hair and fluff me up.  I am very aware that the Lewis family has a history of living a long time so this task may fall upon one of my nieces or nephews.  I will do my best to not spend all my money so there might be a reward for you in the end if you keep me looking good.  Yes, I will be vain right up to the end.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall/Autumn memories and quilts

Waiting outside my door
The smells of autumn
The musty earthy smells of leaves
Waiting outside my window
The bright colors of  fall
Red, Yellow, orange 
Framing my world
 It has been a beautiful fall here in N. Michigan.  BUT, I thought that the family would appreciate a trip down memory lane instead of pictures that I took outside my window.  This was one of the last family gatherings we had at the house before closing it up and putting it on the market.  The trees were in full glory for us.  So many memories of fall activities that we shared in that yard.

 Later that day we took a walk in the woods.  The stream in the back was floating some leaves for us.
 Jessica posed for us standing in the back field.
 A few of us on the bridge.  Good memories.
 I have always loved this little picture that I took in the woods.  I miss those woods, those wonderful memories of the many fall days we spent wandering those woods, climbing the trees, shooting in the back yard and occasionally getting some 'prey'.  That one is for Erik, I remember the raccoon that he got in the woods and he and David skinned it and stretched it out on a board.
Great memories.  Think of them as you go through your own fall/autumn where ever you are.
 The bright colors of this quilt kind of make me think of fall. I finally was able to get this on back from the quilter and finish it off.  This is a very large quilt, about 110" square and is the largest that my quilter can make.  It is going on our bed.  I will change it with the one that is there.
 It started with a Block of the Month in my quilt group.  I wanted to add to it so that it would fit on my bed.  You may recognize that i put this down on my living room floor and it is almost bigger than the rug that we have on the floor.  All of these blocks contain a star pattern, including the green on in the middle.  It is very bright and colorful.
 All of the fabrics are batiks which I love to work with because they ;are so colorful and bright.
I put many smaller star blocks around the edge to finish it off.  I really love it.

SO, bright and colorful fall/autumn and quilts.  It is a beautiful season.  May something bright and colorful bless your life this season.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

my commentary on the debate

If you haven't heard the funny about the debate last night, check out this site.  I loved some of the submissions.  This may look like you can connect directly to the site but I am not skilled enough at that kind of technology but believe me when I tell you that it only takes a minute for you to connect to the web site on your own with this information and it is worth it. THEN if you are still interested in more information about this go to CBS Fact Checking Romney's binders full of women claim.  That tells another story about the real 'binders'.  I found this all very interesting and of course since it is my blog I decided to pass it on.  You may not agree  with me but I thought it was all funny AND I'm not in a binder.

Back to the real world.

Well, I don't have any 'exciting' things to pass on now that we are back in the world of reality.  My usual routine is falling back into place. I finished three of my secret projects this past weekend and then my sewing machine decided to go on the fritz.  I took it to the repair shop right promptly on Monday morning and am waiting impatiently for them to call me and let me come and get it.  I feel like I am lost without it at home.  I did pick up a couple of quilts at my quilter so those two pieces are waiting for me to work on them.  Yesterday I went back to Kingsley to help Molly and spent the afternoon working in her classroom.  They were just finishing the state assessment test.  Once again I was thankful that I can come and volunteer, not actually be responsible for a classroom.
This past weekend we went to dinner with some friends and then out to the movies. I have raved about our independent movie theater here in TC and once again they came through with a wonderful movie.  Searching for Sugar Man is a movie about a musician from Detroit that became famous in South Africa during the apartheid fight for rights.  It was a great movie so if you like music and unusual stories, find it and watching it.
Today I am going out to lunch with my friend Kathy and taking one of my projects to be finished by a professional.  We will manage to stop at a couple of quilt shops on the way.  It will be a beautiful drive through the countryside with all the fall colors.  The sun is shining and Life is Good here with us.

Friday, October 12, 2012

The final days of our vacation

Monday we left Bismark N. Dakota and headed east toward home but not without a few more stops.
 We had dinner with Bud's cousin and his wife in St. Paul.  It was nice to catch up with them and their girls.
 Tuesday we headed east again.  It rained all day but we were driving so that didn't matter too much.  We were heading to Door County, Minnesota.  We arrived in the evening and found a place to rest, have dinner and spend the night out on the Door Peninsula.  Wednesday morning we woke up to sunshine.  What great luck.  We spent the day driving the scenic roads of the Door Peninsula, stopping in various little towns, visiting wonderful galleries and just enjoying the beauty of the fall colors.
 The trees were at their peak of color.  The sun was shining most of the time, the wind was brisk and the air a little chilly but we loved the scenery and the small towns.
 We stopped in a small shop where this man made harps.  He played a little for us and told us his story.  He recently had a stroke and his German accent came back.  He said that the part of the brain that stores language was effected so he went back to the language of his youth.  He was wonderful to listen to and his music was great too.  It made me wish that I could play the harp.  His instruments are individually made for each customer.  He is truly an artist.
 The fall colors were 'showing off' for us on this glorious day.  I kept saying over and over, "WOW, look at those colors" The pictures really don't capture the total beauty but I tried.
We drove a ways on down the road late that afternoon, wanting to get a little closer to home before stopping.  Thursday morning we were up and back on the road.  We stopped for a delicious breakfast in a small town.  I had my last taste of 'vacation food' and indulged myself with French Toast that had a wonderful vanilla sauce served with it.  Vacation food can be so wonderful.  Both of us are trying to lose weight so we were careful with our portions most of the time, sampling soups, salads and occasionally a little treat.  That is what vacation food is like.  Bud said this morning that he only gained about one pound so I am guessing that we did fine and I know that the food was great, especially that final meal.
We crossed the 'Mighty Mac' a little after noon and were home by about three o'clock.  You can see that it was again a rainy day but that didn't matter to us since we were traveling again.  We had wonderful weather and it only rained on our driving days.

This was truly a fantastic vacation for us.  It has been a while since we have done this kind of driving vacation and we thoroughly enjoyed  our travels.  It was a fairly relaxing schedule, we had wonderful sights and great people to see along the way, and America is a beautiful place.  We think our next driving vacation will include Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park.  It was also so nice to visit the parks in the 'off season' because the crowds were not a problem, we could drive slowly through the scenic trails and not worry about holding up some impatient traveler.

So,  3,359 miles later we are home.  I hope you have enjoyed my little travel posts.  Things will get back to much more boring posts but I still have the great memories.

Monday, October 8, 2012

And on we go to Dickinson

And on we go to Dickinson N. Dakota.  We arrived just after lunch.  Myria and Shawn came over for dinner.  It was great to see them again.  I last saw Myria when Leo and I came out a few years ago.

Saturday Glen played tour guide and took us out to see Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  It was pretty quiet with very few cars on the park roads but it still was beautiful.
Just the guys and the scenery.

The buffalo were roaming.

The deer were out too.

I guess I got carried away with the buffalo pictures.

Glen and me outside the little cabin.
Saturday evening Amy and her boyfriend came over for dinner.  It was great to see her too and catch up with what is going on in her life.

NOW for the new house pictures.
This is the downstairs family/TV room.  After checking out Glen's large TV with surround sound, Bud may be in the market for a new TV.

This is the downstairs bathroom.  This polar bear theme is a favorite of either Cody or Caleb.  I can't remember.  It sure is cute though.
This is the office downstairs, it is right outside the downstairs bedroom.

Kitchen and dining room.  I am standing in the living room so it is a real open floor plan.  Penny is cooking Sunday dinner for us.  She cooked some great meals for us while we were visiting.
Now the other end of that space is the living room.  I am sorry for the glare of the window but this is the best I could do.  The big open space is very nice.
This is the upstairs guest bath.  It has a silver tree with leaves painted on the wall on the left side. I didn't do a very good job of catching the nice paint job that Penny did.  She did such a wonderful job of matching the walls, shower curtain and the linens.   Having a new house was fun to decorate.
This is the upstairs guest bedroom.  I made the quilt that they have on this bed.
Here is the master bedroom.  Are you seeing the 'leaf' theme???   It all looks very nice together.
Another bedroom view.
The new walk in closet.  Very well organized.
And the master  bath.  The colors are really nice and again the leaf theme shines through.
Here we have another view of the living room and the entrance behind the chairs and the hallway to the bedrooms and bath,
Yet another view of the kitchen and Penny cooking.
The view from the top of the stairs going down to the entrance and then you turn the corner to the laundry room and the door to the garage.  You go around the corner and down to the lower level where the family room is located.
I forgot to take a picture of the downstairs bedroom so here it is.  When you go out the door you walk into the office space.  
That is all of the inside pictures now for the out side.
Here we have the street view with two of the garage doors.  It is a three car garage.  The curved window is the living room window.
The view from the corner of the lot.  They just finished spraying lawn and planting trees.  I love this rock divider space.
Back yard view with the deck off the dining room/kitchen space,
Two more back yard views.  They have planted a few trees and the landscaping is looking good.
The back yard and the edge of the third car space.
Finally the view from the other corner of the lot.  They put up this nice fence too.

WELL, that is the tour of Glen and Penny's new house. It is very nice.  I did my best with the pictures to give you a little view but they wanted to let family know that they have lots of room so you could come out and see it for yourself.  There is nothing like a new house to get you excited about decorating.  They have done a wonderful job making this house look very nice and are excited about their new home.
We had a terrific time visiting.  It was nice to see them and to be able to see their new home. We left after Sunday dinner and headed west a few miles to Bismark for the night.  Today we drove to St.Paul and are staying here for the night.  We just came back from dinner with one of Bud's cousins but that is another post and I need to go to bed.