Sunday, January 31, 2010

Homes and houses

This is Matt and Diana's new home. We received a picture of their back yard on Bud's iPhone yesterday and I thought I would pass it on. I have been thinking a lot about houses and homes this past week. We accepted an offer on the farmhouse this week. The couple that were looking at buying the whole farm decided that it just isn't a good time for them but we had an offer for just the farmhouse and about 28 acres. We accepted that offer. I haven't met this couple but they do already live in the Coleman area. The house really needs someone to live in it and take good care of it. I am glad that this couple plan to live in the house and fix it up. We decided to take the offer on just the house because we knew that the house would not last very long empty and we didn't want it to fall apart. So, now someone else will make our farmhouse their home. I am glad. We still have the remaining farmland and woods to sell but that land can kind of just take care of its self. The cycle of life goes on and we rejoice in Matt and Diana finding a house to make into their home.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Night on the town

Last night we went to the annual Chamber of Commerce dinner. Our personal photographer wasn't available to take our picture together so I had to settle for individual pictures. Bud, of course, looks great in his suit. He doesn't dress up this much very often any more but I think men always look great in a suit. I, on the other hand, had to hunt for a dress to wear. First I ordered one that I had been coveting in a catalogue but when it arrived it was 'unimpressive' so I sent it back. Then I was stuck looking around and TC really doesn't have very many choices. Finally, I decided to check my own closet. I knew I had this dress but I also knew that it was a bit too tight the last time I tried it on. I tried it again and was pleased that it fit. The next challenge was to decide what my legs should wear. I was inclined to wear flesh colored nylons but I talked to my hair stylist and she encouraged me to wear sheer black nylons. I think it looks OK but wasn't totally sold on the look. I do like the dress and will need to remember that it is available in my closet. So much for fashion.

Friday, January 29, 2010

The State of the Union

I have been pondering this topic since Wednesday night. I must admit that when we sat down in front of the TV and heard that the speech was planned to be about an hour I was a little surprised/and unhappy that the speech would be so long. I don't have a lot of patience for listening to long political speeches. HOWEVER, I was amazed at how quickly the hour went. My very first impression was of awe for this man that stood before us. He is truly an eloquent speaker. He is a man that is 'comfortable in his own skin'. I know that phrase can be overused but I really can't think of a better way to put it. I am impressed by his 'thoughtful' approach to leadership. It is a refreshing change from our previous administration. Many people criticize him for this characteristic but I think instead it should be admired. I was also impressed that he took the chance to inform the public on a couple of subjects. In my humble opinion, the Republican party seems to be better at dividing the country and the Democratic party seems to be better at 'eating their own' but it was refreshing to hear our president try to find middle ground and remind our leaders that they are only representatives of US. That leaves the people of our country to take responsibility too. We must be seek the solutions that are for the good of our country and not just for the good of one group. Change is hard and can be very scary. Many people voted for change in the last election but when change comes along they are scared by that change or are unwilling to wait for the process to work for making that change happen.

It was also refreshing to hear our president 'call out' the Supreme Court on their ruling this past week. It was VERY confusing to listen to the court turn over our election process in such a simple way. Sara did a much better job on this subject in her blog. I feel like MY first amendment rights were infringed upon by that ruling.

I know that my ramblings aren't as poetic and well worded as possible but I am new at this blogging process and up until now I have just been sharing little parts of my day. I will work on both this process and continue the little sharings of my day.

It is a wonderful nation, and I am very thankful to be a part of such a great country. I will continue to love this country and express my opinion when necessary.

I will now push the key to 'publish this post' and put it out there.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Brittany made it !!!!!

We just received the GREAT news. Brittany was accepted to University of Michigan Medical School for the fall. Great Job girl !!! We all knew that she was smart and a fantastic candidate for the school but it is nice that other people agree. We are VERY proud. You go Girl :):)

hair cut

Well, I sure did enjoy and laugh about the comments left by Sara, Eva and Jess. First of all, I don't know about the posting time, Eva. I WASN'T up at 3:14 am working on my blog. I think it was so funny that all of you thought that was me in the picture. I decided that you might like to see other people in my blog instead of just me so that is why I put in the picture of Mary. You all gave me a big laugh today. I really don't look much different after I get my hair cut anyway. Not too much you can do with this hair except do a "Sara" and cut it all off. I am not that adventuresome.

My haircut

Yesterday I went and had my hair cut. I didn't take my 'personal photographer' so I didn't get a picture of the two of us. We tried to take one in the mirror but I couldn't get it to work. Anyway, this is my lovely stylist Mary. She has been cutting my hair for MANY years. I just love going to her small shop. She opened her own shop a couple of years ago after spending many years in a larger shop. I love this shop because it is so personal and relaxing. I go there, we chat about our lives, have tea and sometimes chocolate, update each other on new books and movies that we are enjoying and sometimes even have a glass of wine while drying my hair. She is such a wonderful woman I really enjoy our time together. Her shop is also an art gallery which means that every time I go I can see some good art on the walls. What more could one ask for when getting a haircut?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quilt Group Day

Today I went to my quilt group meeting. The morning program was a lesson on sewing on a curve. I chose to just watch and not start a new project. It was interesting. I just joined this group this past fall, right after I retired. They meet during the day on the 4th Tuesday of the month. It is a fun and interesting group with lots of experience. They do a lot of charity work for Habitat for Humanity. They make quilts to go on the beds of every house that is dedicated in the Grand Traverse area. I haven't worked on any charity projects just yet as I have been busy making my own projects and finding my way in this retirement.

This is my friend Kathy showing the quilt that she just finished for a wedding present. Kathy was the one that got me started in this group.

We 'posed' for this picture because I wanted to reassure Jessica that I still have my own 'personal photographer' that I take along with me all the time.
They always have a 'show and tell' at the end of the meeting so today I took in my latest bowl. It was well received and some people asked if I would do a class/demonstration at some meeting. That will be fun.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Matt and Diana are home owners

We received this picture on Friday. I thought you all might want to see it. Matt and Diana said that they are now home owners. I don't know any more details but it looks like a cute house. I am happy for them. I understand there are a few repairs that must be made before they can move in but they are on the right path to having their own space. Congratulations :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I am addicted to bowl making

Well, it is official, I am addicted to making these bowls. This is my latest one. It is about 12" in diameter and about 6" tall. I wanted to see how big one would be if I used a whole clothesline and this is what happened. It is actually a little bigger than one clothesline because I also wanted to learn how to splice together the line. I used just scrap pieces that I had cut into strips and just continued to wrap and stitch. Like I said, I just couldn't stop.

I decided that maybe I would try to add some 'embellishments' so I checked in my book and this was one of the easy suggestions. I like the little handles and the buttons to set it off. I found out at my class that sometimes floral or plant stores have clear plastic liners that you could put inside the basket. This would look great as a "chip" bowl or something like that. My next project is to make an oval one. The book has good suggestions on how to make them so I am sure that it won't be too hard. The cool thing is that I am using up scraps and the only cost is about $5 for the clothesline. I will keep you posted.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

new purple gloves

Well, they arrived today. My new purple gloves look a little dark but they are nice. I spent some time online and finally found a pair that I thought would go with my hat. I am pleased. All is well in my world, with my new purple gloves.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

my newest craft project, "It's a Wrap"

I took a class last week at one of our local quilt shops. I learned how to make this bowl with scraps of fabric and clothes line. I made a coaster in class and then I came home and made this bowl. I gave it to Molly at school yesterday and am planning to make another one today. It is fun to do because you accomplish something fairly quickly and have a completed product.

This is the book that I used so you can see that there are endless possibilities for projects. I think it is exciting.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

make over day

SO, yesterday I decided that I wanted to 'update' my makeup look. I have always wanted to have a "professional" give me some tips on what would look nice and new techniques that are being used. I went to Macy's last week and set up an appointment with this wonderful lady. She helped me with mostly eye makeup. It was an interesting 'indulgence' for me but I had a good time. You can do all kinds of things like this when you retire.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Chocolate chip cookies in the OLD mixing bowl

I decided to take this old bowl set from the farm. I just couldn't give it away. Eva took the large red mixing bowl and this set was always there in the cupboard too. I cleaned them up and they look pretty good. They are back in 'service' making chocolate chip cookies. I know I mixed up a LOT of cookies in this bowl. I'm not sure how old the set is but they still work and I will continue to use them.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas/birthday with Leo

Here he is with his BIG knife from Erik. I'm sure no one will bother him at his new apartment.
A candle from Jessica and Doug. He always enjoys candles.

Refrigerator magnets from Sara and Leo. They went right up on the refrigerator to hold up Garrick pictures.

A shirt from Jessica and Doug. It was about this time that he commented that maybe he should have combed his hair.

Here is that BEAUTIFUL mug from me. I think most of you know the story of me leaving behind my picture at his house. Now he has a copy of it FOREVER.

This is the GAP shirt that Matt and Diana got for him. He said, "Look they spelled my name wrong!" (Get it???Gap, Leo??? They both have 3 letters?? Yes, I know that it is a corny joke but it was funny at the time.)

There is my picture sitting right on the microwave. A place of 'honor' right next to the cough medicine.
We drove down to Clare this morning and met Leo at his apartment. Then we drove to Coleman to turn up the heat at the farm. We had a very nice young couple come and look at the house and the farm today. I liked them a lot and hope they are able to put in a nice bid. They had a 4 year old daughter and a new 2 week old baby. Keep your fingers crossed. They seemed to like the place.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Lunch with a friend

As a retired lady I now have the freedom to have lunch with a friend. Teachers NEVER get to have a relaxing lunch somewhere except in the 'teacher's lunchroom' in a brief 25-30 minute break. Lunch never was a leisure thing for me. Yesterday I had lunch with my great friend Mary Anne and we were there chatting for about 2 hours. A treasured friendship deserves at least a 2 hour lunch.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mom's Christmas tree

I still have my Christmas decorations out but I need to start putting them away. I wanted to share this picture with you because it is the ceramic tree that was always on display at the farm. Penny made it for Mom many years ago and I asked if I could have it. This year I put it upstairs on our stereo cabinet surrounded by some Santas. I like it a lot and am very glad that I have this little memento. (Jessica asked for it when I am finished with it so that is nice too. I like the idea of someone else getting it at some later date. ) I think it is time to put away the holiday decorations and sadly pack this little tree up in the VERY SAME box it has been stored in form many years. (Yes, I even have Mom's storage box.) It is a gray day here in Northern Michigan but I am having lunch with a friend so that will brighten my day.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I can't believe it. I was just talking to Eva on the phone and a FOX walked through my back yard. At first I thought it might be a dog because I didn't know that they liked to walk around in the middle of the day but THEN along came another one following it. They walked off into the woods. They looked very healthy and quite big. Sara told us to watch for things that amaze us an look what came to me right outside my window. The blessings of being able to be home and not working, the wildlife comes to your backyard.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I still have the 'touch'

I went into school today to help Molly out with her work load. This is Molly and her cute little daughter Cora. Cora comes to Molly's classroom after school most days. I stayed all day just so that I would have a chance to see Cora. Cora is wearing a little necklace with a shell on the end that I bought for her in Cape Verde Islands. She love jewelry as much as her mother and I love to find little treats for her. As you can see, I still have the touch. I taught in the morning for Molly so that she could work on some curriculum projects that needed to be completed. Schools just don't give teachers 'time off' to do things like work on extra projects and Molly carries most of the load for the grade level with projects so I feel good about helping her and the 'former' team. I was Molly's 1st grade teacher many years ago so I have known her for a long time. I know the 3rd grade curriculum very well so I can just walk in and teach for a morning without any preparation. It was fun. This is the second time that I have done this for her so I am getting to know the class fairly well. I am planning to do it about once a week for either a half of a day or a whole day. I worked with individual students and made copies for the grade level in the afternoon. I like staying at least for lunch so that I can enjoy that BRIEF time relaxing in the lunchroom with other teachers. It is a nice way to keep in touch and spend some time with students.

OH, my old classroom. It looks so different but nice. I don't miss having the responsibility of the classroom. I like it this way.

Monday, January 11, 2010

An Ode to my Purple gloves

It is a sad day for me. I have developed a hole in my favorite pair of purple gloves. I especially love this pair of gloves because they match my new purple hat. Now I am doomed to wear just plain black gloves until I find a replacement. I think that it is strange that this hole is in the middle finger of my left hand. I am right handed so it seems peculiar that I would wear out the finger of my left hand before my right hand. Does anyone have an explanation??? AND, of course why oh why the middle finger. I don't think that I over use that finger in the winter. I shall be retiring this lovely pair of gloves for more subdued gloves and feel less 'stylish' until I find a beautiful replacement.
Such is the ode to a purple glove.
I hope it made you smile.

Vernors and ice cream

Here are a few notes from the sick bed. I came down with some kind of flu last Thursday. It came on VERY fast and put me right to bed. I didn't eat anything for about 24 hours and then I started on a diet of ginger ale (Vernors of course) and gradually worked my way up to trying some crackers with the liquids. That didn't work so I went back to bed and switched to ginger ale and ice cream on Friday evening. That worked so I continued on that diet most of Saturday. Ginger ale and ice cream really tastes pretty good so I did OK but continued to spend a lot of time sleeping. Our weekend plans were cancelled and we stayed home. Sunday I felt a little better but really not much ambition. I am hoping to get out of the house today as I am feeling better and very tired of being inside.

Cheers to Vernors and ice cream. It seems to work well AND taste good.