Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday, Monday. What a day

Good Monday morning.  The weekend has passed and with it came another snowstorm. (When I don't have  anything else to blog about, I can always fall back on the weather in N. Michigan, especially in the winter.)  Once again this Monday morning brings school closings to most of the area.  The cold weather snap of last week has been replaced with wet damp snow this week, a reminder that if you don't like the weather in Michigan, just wait and it will change.  That 'lake effect snow' and other weather patterns can be blamed on all that water that is around us.  That water can be beautiful in the summer but it brings this unpredictable weather in the winter. Such is the challenge of living in Michigan.  I will take these challenges over most other natural weather/disaster problems of the country.  At least if you have a snowstorm, you can stay inside and look out.  That is what I will do for most of today since I am not going to Kingsley to volunteer today after all.

The weekend also brought us movie time, another of my favorite blog topics. We went to see 'Silver Linings Playbook' on Saturday.  It was a great movie but full of interesting family problems and lots of mental illness.The acting was great and even though the topic was mental illness, the plot was very good.  I would recommend it to anyone.  Sunday afternoon I finally managed to get Bud to take me to see Les Miserables.  I have been wanting to see it every since it came out, he hasn't been as excited about seeing it but we did make it finally.  I have seen the Broadway production twice (not on Broadway but in Lansing and Chicago) and enjoyed it both time. I also saw the OLD movie of it in black and white many years ago. I still liked the current production of the movie.  It was very well acted and although not an uplifting topic, a good movie.  SO, I guess that both of my movies of the weekend were kind of  'downers' but well done.   It has been our time to catch up on all the award nomination movies.

I have been doing a lot of computer work this past week too.  I am trying to catch up on my photo albums for the last two years.  I am behind and wanted to get those two years done before I got too far into another year.  I use Shutterfly and make my albums and once I get into the swing of using the program, I get faster.  I finished the year 2011 and have started 2012.  It still takes many hours at the computer but the end product is nice.  I have vowed to get those two years finished before starting another project in my sewing room.  That is incentive for me to get done although I haven't planned my next sewing project just yet.  I am sure something will inspire me.

SO, weather and movies????   Was your weekend more exciting?   If not, I hope it was interesting.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Money, money money

Today I did ALL my banking chores, UGH!!! I reconciled my check book and brought everything up to date.  I reconciled the credit card bill and checked out how much I spent there this last month (too much).  Then I did the end of the year tax information for the farm.  I found out that I don't do a very good job keeping current on that account.  It is a good thing that my siblings don't ask for a monthly report any more.

SO, my banking is all in order and we can eat for another week.  It is nice to have those undesirable chores done.  Anyone want to come and clean my house for me???  That is another undesirable chore.  It is a good thing that we don't have too many money problems AND are fairly clean people.  That keeps my undesirable chores to a minimum.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Baby, it's cold outside

WOW, we could use a little 'global warming' the last few days in N. Michigan.  Today the temps never reached into the teens.  All night long I hear the pipes of our heating system clanging and thumping as the hot water tries to keep us warm.  Yesterday and today there has been a cloud over the bay because the water is so much warmer than the air.  The ground is covered with snow once again, after the thaw and rain of the last weekend.  Schools all over the area were close this morning but I'm not sure why.  We really don't have that much snow.  I heard that some schools closed because it was too cold for the kids to stand outside and wait for a bus.  We never had 'cold days' when I was teaching.  We just had school anyway.  However, the new 'wind chill factor' has changed things for many people.  We used to think it was just cold outside and knew that we shouldn't spend a long period of time out in the cold.  Now we have 'wind chill' calculations and they tell you how cold you already knew it was.

I hope it was warmer at your home today or if not you had a good book to read so that you didn't have to leave home.  Be careful or that 'wind chill' thing will get you.

Friday, January 18, 2013

NO soda surprise

This past week I went 'cold turkey' off sodas.  I, know, I know, that is hard to believe coming from a heavy soda drinker.  I could easily drink 2 of those 4 liter containers of diet soda in one day.  I am the person that is always walking around with something to drink in my hand.  I start in the morning after my coffee and then drink until bedtime.  There is quite a bit of research regarding the sweetener in diet sodas and I decided to give this 'soda free' life a try.  I had already weaned myself off the caffeine of sodas and coffee so that part didn't bother me.  I do miss the soda though.  This is my 4th day and I LONG for a tall glass of cold soda with all those sparkles.  I decided not to substitute something else like sparkling water because I really don't like the taste of that kind of water.  I am just drinking lots of water.  I know the myth of needing to drink 64 oz. of water is just that, a myth, but I always drank a lot of liquid so replacing it with water seems to be my best choice.  I also think it needs to be 'an all or nothing' thing for me so that is why I gave it all up.  Maybe some day I will gain the discipline to drink it occasionally but until then, the soda industry has lost another drinker.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wonderful weekend

This past weekend we drove down to Grand Rapids to attend a shower for Jessica.  It was a great brunch.  
 Her friend Megan, Megan's mother and a friend put on the shower at Eva's house.  The food was prepared and it was all ready to go.
 This is Jessica's new mother-in-law to be, Diane.  They were first in line.
 Jessica's friends came to help her celebrate.  She has known these ladies for quite a while and has enjoyed traveling and just 'hanging out' with them.
Jessica and her Aunt Christi with her daughter-in-law to be.
Of course the mother of the bride and the wonderful aunt.
 Diane and Doug's sister, Denise.
It was a wonderful shower.  She received many fantastic gifts.  She is showing off her new dishes here.  They look great.
Bud went over to Jessica's house where Doug and his father were working on their new bathroom.  He mostly just sat around and relaxed but he did get out away from all the women at Eva's house.
That evening Eva, Bud and I decided that we needed a little evening entertainment and of course the movies are always good for a nice night out. We looked over the movie selection and had a couple of choices, So This is 40 was finally chosen by Bud.  However, I did my best to get my way because when we arrived at the theater I went up to buy the tickets and mistakenly asked for the movie Guilt Trip which was my first choice.  I didn't even realize that I had chosen the wrong movie until we were in the theater and the movie was about to start.  Bud told us that he had realized that I bought the wrong tickets when we walked into the seating area and So This is 40 wasn't the movie we were attending.  He didn't say anything though and just let us go to the other movie.  I guess I REALLY wanted to see Guilt Trip.  I felt a little silly that I made the big mistake but I must admit that it was a VERY funny movie.  I laughed and laughed and laughed.  I guess I am glad that I got my choice.  I really can't relate too well to a movie where someone who is just turning 40 is complaining about their age.  
Sunday Eva, Bud and I drove to Big Rapids to meet Leo for his birthday celebration.  That has kind of become a tradition with us.  This time we tried a new place, a brewpub that Doug's father had heard about.  The food was just OK.  I think I like the place that we go to downtown better.  We all agreed that it was nice to try something else but we won't return.  Leo turned 57 and it was his actual birthday.

We spent Sunday night at Eva's house again because Bud had a meeting downtown Grand Rapids on Monday.  We arrived home Monday evening, sniffling all the way.  Yes, I gave my cold to  Bud but his doesn't seem to be quite as bad or maybe I am just a baby, giving in to the cold and not putting up a very good fight.
I hope the cold or flu have not captured you and you stay healthy through the winter weather.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Still trying

AH Yes, Matt, thank you for your comments and cold recommendations.  I am still working on ridding myself of this cold but I have been encouraged by the NASTY news about the flue that is going around.  I guess it could be worse.  I don't have a temperature, or at least and elevated one since without a temperature I would be dead ( Old teacher joke)  I have taken this opportunity to catch up on all my needed sleep, going to bed early and sleeping with the help of drugs.  I haven't managed to make it back to the school to volunteer since I am afraid that I would catch something else.  I think I will wait until next week.  We do have a busy weekend planned with a bridal shower in our plans and we hope to connect with Leo on Sunday to help him celebrate his birthday.  I think he will be 57 but am unsure.
I hope that all of you have a great weekend and stay healthy or get healthy if you have succumbed to some virus that is circulating around this germy world.

Spread Love and Joy not germs.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Under the weather

That is such an interesting phrase.  I'm not sure what the origin of the saying really is but it my status this week. Somehow I managed to pick up a nasty cold right after I was granted my driving privileges this past week.  To put it crudely, it sucks!!!   Saturday it began with a scratchy throat and a headache.  It continued to get worse as the weekend progressed. I seem to have NO energy, a stuffy head, body aches and spend more than half my time on the sofa because I am too tired to even read a book.  I guess that I also spend time on the sofa because I can and I don't want to do anything else.  I do know that if I had to work I would probably 'suck it up' and go to work feeling lousy but since I don't I just curl up on the sofa with NPR in the background and wait it out with any drug that I can put my hands on.

OH on top of getting a cold this past week, I also had one of my crowns come out.  I am lucky that it is far enough back in my mouth that it doesn't show and it had a root canal  so it does't hurt.  The unlucky part is there isn't enough of a root left to put on another crown so I have to go the expensive implant route.  That won't be fun either.

I just wanted to complain and explain my lack of posting this past week but mostly just complain.  I know that it will pass and all these body aches will go away some time but for right now the sofa is my best friend.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Freedom and independence

Today I went back to my doctor and was granted my freedom to drive.  I am wearing my stiffer tennis shoe but I am walking without the boot and most of all I can drive. Bud brought me home and I picked up my car right away.  
 I was planning to have lunch with my friend Kathy, letting Bud drop me off and getting a ride home later but I was able to drive myself.  It feels great to have my independence again.  I spent the afternoon with Kathy.  She is babysitting her granddaughter two days a week and I was finally able to make it over to visit while Finnley was there for the day.  She is 4 months old and a very nice little baby. Needless to say Kathy is thrilled to have her granddaughter around a couple days a week.
I was so appreciative of my new freedom, I had Kathy take my picture.  As you can see, I am thrilled.  It is nice to have the ability to do whatever I wish without having to wait for a driver.  I even stopped at the grocery store on the way home.  New found freedom is fantastic.

SO, the lesson learned is to be careful, enjoy what you have, appreciate the people that help you in time of need and be thankful when you have recovered from a difficult time.