Saturday, November 28, 2009


We have experienced 2 FANTASTIC days in Rio. The weather has been hot but we had very good skies for our day trips. I thought I would just quickly send two picturess tonight before going to dinner. Tomorrow we go to Sao Palo for the day and then we have 2 days at sea. I will send a more comprehensive story of our time in Brazil when we have extra time at sea. Today was the end of the trip for about half of the people on the boat. It was sad to see them leave. It is surprising how you become attached to people in such a short time. We also took on quite a few new people.
Enjoy the views.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Yesterday we found land again and went ashore in Salvador Brazil. It was great to be standing on land once again. The 6 day ocean crossing was nice and relaxing but you can only fill the days with a few lectues, massages (Bud is up to 5 so far but I have only had 1. He enjoys them more than me.) and reading. The city was very beautiful. We went to 2 churches in the morning. They were both spectacular. One of them was filled with gold leaf carvings. We decided that we couldn't post too many pictures on the blog since the connection is very slow. (They give us free alachol but we have to pay for the internet connection) Today I chose this picture of Bud. There were these wonderful dancing ladies in the square and if you pay them a dollar they will let you take their picture. In the evening we had a whole dance troupe come on the boat and entertain us for about an hour. It was a very good performance. Many more of these ladies danced and sang for us. We also had some men dancing for us. It was a wonderful way to end the day.
We are looking forward to a couple of more days in Reo and Sao Polo after the next two days at sea. The weather is HOT here and I am running out of hot weather clothing. I am beginning to think that I brought too many clothes for cold weather. The laundry lady is saving us.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I haven't heard what we are going to do but I know it won't include football. We do have TV reception but all we get is Fox News. I guess that signal is free but no one watches it. We do get a movie in the late evening but usually we don't watch that either. I told our cruise managers that they should try to get some signal that includes football for the afternoon on Thursday. Enjoy the parades and games. Don't eat too much turkey.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Kiss the fish ceremony

They had a special ceremony for those of us who had not crossed the equator by sea. There was a little play and then we had to 'kiss the fish'. It was a fun activity although you should be sure to check out Bud's face on the picture of me. He was the next one.
We have been at sea for our 6th day today. I am getting a little restless here at sea. I will be VERY glad to be on land tomorrow. We had an itinary that only put us 4 days at sea to cross the Atlantic. Bud has been filling his time reading and getting massages. I think that he has the record number of massages this trip so far and is planning more. He has also been walking around the deck. He tries to walk for about 30 minutes. He has been very good at this plan. We both have been doing a lot of reading. The seas have been fairly smooth with some bumpy days. Today is a very smooth day.
Tomorrow we come to port at Salavador, Brazil. We have a full day of sight seeing on our agenda. It is mostly by bus and out walking around some. We are really looking forward to being on land again. I am glad that we have crossed the Atlantic this one time but don't think we will be signing up for it again. We did find out that the alacholic drinks are free with this trip so we have enjoyed a nice cocktail time in the evening.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

at sea

Today we have another day at sea. We crossed over the equator about 1:00 am. There were special ceremonies this morning to celebrate that crossing. I will try to get some pictures to share with you at a later date. We should see some islands this afternoon but still have a couple more days at sea before a port.

Friday, November 20, 2009

birthday wishes

Today we are at sea again. It has been a quiet day. It rained this morning but we were still able to eat our breakfast out on the back deck. We have breakfast and lunch outside ever day we are on the ship. They are both buffet meals but very good. It is always difficult to make it past the dessert tray before leaving at lunch. We have decided to limit ourselves to one dessert a day and that usually comes with our evening meal. The food is very delicious at all meals. The evening meal could be at least 5 courses if you let yourself choose from every course. I try to limit myself to a salad and the main course. We have choices in every course too. I think that I must do my most decision making at meal times. I will try to take a picture or two of some of the meals and pass them along.
I enjoy reading all the comments that people put on the blog. Sara, I thought you might know of that author, that is why I mentioned his name.

I wanted to send out a post for all my birthday friends. So Happy Birthday to my friends Molly and Kathy. I hope they both had wonderful birthdays. It is a little early to wish my dear sister a Happy Birthday but I will do that anyway. I will be thinking of her on her birthday.

We had a few changes on our itinary so we will be at sea at least a day longer. Our first stop in Brazil has been cancelled so we will go a bit farther south to a town I think is called Santago or something like that. Several people were very disappointed that we didn't get to stop in Raffiti or what ever that first town was. I really hadn't researched the route too much so I don't know what we are missing.

More pictures will come when we reach land.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The arts

The surf was pounding against the cliffs.

High in the mountains the fog was rushing uphill.

The seashore had many colorful boats.

This volcanic island is rugged but a little green after a recent rain.

We stopped at one of the Cape Verde islands and had a bus tour around the island. This is a typical home with a garden.

This was a facinating billboard on Cape Verde

Today we are at sea and the theme is the Arts. This morning we had a talk by a fellow passenger about how to make sketches for your travel journal. Later in the morning our photographer and his wife showed us their pictures from their travels around the world. We are learning a lot about good photography while on this cruise. Yesterday our photographer helped us with our individual pictures so that we can become better photographers. This afternoon we have a travel author named Peter Mathiessen that will read to us portions of his travel journals. They do a wonderful job of filling in the time between the meals and cocktails. Bud and I are both enjoying our 'down time' by reading. Yesterday Bud took a nice walk around the deck for 30 minutes. I watched him and the sea to make sure that he didn't go overboard. He planned to walk again today but the rain has kept him inside. Even though it has rained a couple of times today it is still very warm. We continue to enjoy every minute of our trip. The people and conversations are facinating even though we seem to be about the youngest couple on the boat. I have already finished one book, passed it on to a fellow passenger, and have my next one ready to read. Relaxing and lectures fill our days.

I am ready with some pictures of our time on Cape Verde. The island was quite dry but there had recently been some rain so the green against the mountains was nice. We had a bit of fog at the highest point. We spent a great day in the small city too.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cape Verde

We had 2 great days at sea and then came to Cape Verde islands. They are located just off the coast of Africa. Yesterday we had an afternoon bus tour around one of the islands. We took MANY pictures but haven't had tome to look them over carefully for the good ones to post. In the evening we moved to another island and docked for the night. Today we had a day on our own. We went into town in the morning and walked around. We came back to the ship for lunch and the took the bus to the beach this afternoon. We had enough sun this morning so we didn't stay at the beach. We have the next 5-6 days at sea so we will have some good lectures and will have time to edit our pictures and send out a message.
We continue to have a great time. It is almost unureal that we have only been on vacation for one week and still have almost 4 weeks before we have to come home.

Hope to have some pictures ready tomorrow evening.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

quiet sunday at sea

Today we had a quiet day at sea. We had a morning geography lesson, a wonderful lunch and both Bud and I had a massage this afternoon. It is margaritta night here so we will try to enjoy ourselves. Tomorrow we arrive in Cape Verde and tour the islands for the next two days. We will be pretty busy during the day but will have time to post now and then. We will pick up some more pictures.
Sara asked if we could see land from the boat. No, we are too far out to see land but the sound of the ocean and the breezes are very nice. The boat has a relaxing movement so we have really been relaxing. Bud and I don't usually take such long vacations so this is the first one that we have really had time to relax.
Off for the evening.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

more pictures

The ruins of a Spanish fort, which the Spanish lost in a battle for the independence of this former colony. This is Della's attempt at framing the picture. She learned this tip in the first lecture.
Our suite is very spacious with a great window overlooking the ocean.

Our home away from home on the Corinthian II

We stopped at the sand dune, next to the highway. Each day the desert covers the highway with sand and the road crews plow the sand off to the side.

A street view of Laayoune. The king of Morocco has his picture posted all over the Western Sahara to stake his claim to this disputed area.

We stopped at an Oasis and had tea.


These dancers greeted us at the harbor in Laayoune, Western Sahara.
This is where we have our breakfast and lunch while we are at sea.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Blessed 2

Yesterday I titled my post Blessed and then promptly forgot to follow up on that theme. I feel very blessed that I am able to come on this wonderful trip. I never would have imagined this when I was little. We are both relaxing and enjoying ourselves

Today was our first touring day on land. We went to a town on the coast of Morocco called Laayoune. It is a desert community with not a lot of development. We went to a Spanish fort and an oasis in the morning. There were traditional dancers and musicians at the oasis. Then we stopped for a little shopping at a silver store. Bud did most of the walking around and I did some good shopping. We had a great lunch at a hotel and then did some walking on the dunes.

Bud is working on the computer to get some pictures but we haven't managed to get them to you yet.

The next 2 days we will be at sea with only books and lectures to entertain us so I promise that pictures will be coming soon even though I know that I have promised them many times.

We are getting a good mixture of traveling and seeing the sights so far but of course this is really only our 3rd day.

I am really enjoying the people, conversations, food and sights.


Thursday, November 12, 2009


We are spending the day at sea today so I will give you a little background on our wonderful trip. We have terrific hotel sized rooms. I was VERY surprised at the size as I was expecting just enough room to walk around. I will send a picture later or you may be able to check the link that Bud gave earlier. I am not as accomplished at sending pictures yet. The food is equally terrific. It will be a challenge to not overeat. There are many choices and wonderful servers tempting us to taste the desserts and treats.
We are probably the youngest people on the boat other than the staff. I was a little afraid of being able to keep up with some of the walking but at least I don't have a cane or walker. This gives me 'heart' that I will still be able to travel when I am in my 80s. It is just a matter of choosing what you want to do I am sure. Some of the people are with a group called Elderhostel. So far all of the people are very interesting though. There is a lot to learn from this group.
Speaking of learning, this is a learning trip too. This morning we met the lecture staff which include a photography expert, a geologist, someone from the Auduban Society, and a cultural expert. This morning we heard a great lecture about how to take better pictures. It was very interesting. I don't think that I have to worry about not having enough books. They will keep us very busy with new topics every day.
I am out of topics for today but will try to check in as often as possible. I am loving this.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

at Sea

We made it and so did our luggage. We are VERY tired but have just finished our first fantastic dinner. We left Casablanca this afternoon and are on our way down the coast of Africa. We will have a day at sea tomorrow to catch up and relax. The ship is wonderful. Our rooms are very large for a ship. I will send pictures tomorrow but am just too tired to do more tonight.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New York

We made it to NY yesterday afternoon and so did our luggage:) I am always a happy traveler when my luggage arrives with me. We arrived about 4:00 here in our hotel and decided to just stay here at the hotel instead of trying to go into the city. We are beginning to relax because the first thing that we did after checking in was to take a nice long nap. We are staying at the Ramada at the airport and it is a pretty tired old hotel but that is fine with us. The rooms are clean and we are close to the airport. We had an OK dinner here at the bar and were to bed early even after the afternoon nap. I checked in with Jessica and Leo just to bide some time. This morning we had our quiet and expensive breakfast here at the hotel and are waiting for check out time. We have a late checkout because we really don't have to be at the airport until about 4 this afternoon. Our flight is at 6 this evening. We will meet our group at the airport and all fly together tonight. We are in the phase of our travels where you "hurry up and then wait". We wanted to arrive here a day early because we didn't want to miss our connections. We have experienced too many travel difficulties in the past and didn't want to try to make the trip from TC all in one day. That is all for now. I know this posting is a little boring but not too much is happening with us yet. HOWEVER, we are very excited and really looking forward to this wonderful adventure.

See you on the radio.

Monday, November 9, 2009


The bags are packed. We're ready to go. The taxi's waiting outside the door. I hate to wake you up to say good-bye. I have been singing that song in my head since yesterday. I can't remember who wrote it or sang it but it is stuck there. The bags are really packed and we are leaving in about an hour. I couldn't pass up an opportunity to put one more silly post on this blog. You will probably be able to tell the difference between our postings. Bud posted the link to our boat and the intinary. I am posting songs. :) Anyway, we are SOOOOOO excited and ready. I found out last night (by reading our materials they sent us some months ago) that we will have internet service on the boat but it may be a little 'spotty' while we are at sea. I must go now because Bud keeps asking me questions and I need to finish up. I love you and am looking forward to the relaxing time with my wonderful husband.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Corinthian II

You can see pictures of the cruise ship by visiting the following website:


Our itinerary is presented below. If you click on each page, the computer will zoom in on each page. If you click the "back" button in the upper left hand corner, you will return to the blog.

Our itinerary is presented above. If you left click on each page, the computer will zoom in on each page. If you then click on the "back" button (above left side) you will return to the blog.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

farmhouse picture

Well, I am still practicing how to upload pictures so I thought this one would be a good practice/memory. That is Jessica sitting on the front porch this fall when we wre there visiting the farm. That old house hold a lot of memories. Mom and Dad sat on that front porch looking out at the world. You may notice that the decorations on the front porch posts have been removed. Eva and Jessica have them now at their homes so a little bit of the farm continues through the family.
Now for the trees, we have all climbed those trees and looked out on the world from the lofty branches. That view of the world will live within each one of us even when the physical view is no longer ours.
I think there is no more beautiful place than sitting on the front porch or perched in the tree. The world is a more peaceful and quiet place from those two vantage points.
Well, Sara, how am I doing with the 'poetry' part of blogging?

josh and Gerrick


This is a picture of little Garrick just a few minutes old. Josh sent it to us and we passed it on to many of you. I thought this would be a good way for me to learn how to upload pictures. Thanks to the 'tech support' of Sara I am now able to acomplish this little task.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

November 1,

One week from tomorrow we leave. I am going to try to send a picture now.