Sunday, May 31, 2015

Catching up

I did try to post on FB but am not very skilled at that format.  I am more comfortable here on the blog. I can give more details to the pictures and put the information right under the pictures.  Now, maybe some of you really don't want to know all the details of my life so just check out the pictures and leave the page. 
 This is a really old picture from Mother's Day.  We invited all the women that are mothers (except for Megan and Me) over for dinner.  Jack came along too since he was in town.  It was a nice dinner and a chance to chat. 
 Leo and I sold the last piece of the farm in Coleman.  The piece right across from the church was our last section to sell.  It was being farmed and making money for us so we weren't in a hurry to sell it. However we were made an offer by the man that farms it now and we decided to accept it.  It was a good idea to get out of the farming business.  I am sure he got a GOOD deal but we no longer need to worry about managing that trust.  It was time.  Leo and I thought about taking the check and heading over to the casino in Mt. Pleasant but thought that Mom and Dad wouldn't approve.  So I no longer own any land in Coleman. 
 Memorial Day weekend we decided (Bud mostly but I did say I would be willing to go riding too) to go out on a ride with our bikes.  There is a beautiful trail through the woods and along Lake Michigan up near the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes.  For those of you that know Michigan, this is the famous Hill Climb at the dunes.  I remember climbing it when I was a kid. We didn't climb it on this day. 
 We did take our bikes though.  We even wore helmets. 
 Yes, Lake Michigan is in the background.  It was a beautiful day and we rode about 5 miles.  That is as far as my butt could take.  Bud is much better at this bike riding thing than me.  I have the most difficulty with all the shifting and the gears and breaks on the handlebars.  I grew up with a very simple bike with just one gear and breaking by pushing backwards on the peddles.  I am getting better at using the breaks and continue to work on the gears to make sense of them when going up and down hills,  I am also not very well coordinated so I am not very good at riding my bike around crowds so here in town is not a good place for me to practice my skills.  I usually end up falling and scraping up my knees which I did a LOT when I was a kid too so maybe it isn't the bike and all the gears that is the problem, maybe it is the rider. 
Bud chose to indulge in a different bike riding activity today.  He went for a ride on his Harley this afternoon.  I stayed home and did laundry.  He took the seat off the back so I can no longer ride with him which is OK with me.  It makes me a little nervous anyway.  I don't like being that close to the pavement. 

Finally, I am caught up to the present time.  Maybe this next week I will post some pictures of the quilts I have been working on.  I already gave away 2 of them to charity events before posting them but such is life. 

OH, if forgot one thing and since I DO know how to edit on the blog, I can go back in and add this little tidbit.  Bud wore his Fit Bit while riding his motorcycle today and it logged 27,000 steps on it along with climbing 250 steps. Now he knows how to 'cheat' it and add steps without just standing in the middle of the living room and moving his arms back and forth or doing the hard thing of actually going for a walk. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cutest little 1 year old

I have gotten a bit behind on my postings.  This birthday celebration happened over a week ago but anyway, here it is and she is so cute that it might be worth the wait. 
 Yes,  this cute little one turned 1year old and Mamma and Daddy were pretty happy.  This whole experience was quite different for the 'baby of the hour' but she seemed to enjoy all the activity around her.  Family and friends showed up at Jessica and Doug's house and spent the day together chatting, 'ohhh-ing  and ahhh-ing' over the birthday girl and even watching a little rugby in the afternoon.  Since she was born during Rugby Nationals and saw her first game in her daddy's arms within her first few hours on this earth, it seemed like an appropriate way to celebrate. 
 Her first introduction to cake wasn't met with excitement.   I think she wondered what they were feeding her. 
 I love this look as she looks toward her mommy. I wonder what she was thinking???  "Mommy, what is this strange taste??"
 However, she did like to play with it, just not eat it.  What a precious little baby. 
 Presents were fun too.  Lots of great boxes to unwrap and cute new things to wear. 
She has always liked to stack things so this beginning set of Baby Legos is perfect. 

It was a wonderful day. She was a perfect hostess and a great time was had by all.  I just can't say it enough, "she is the happiest and cutest little baby"  and I am thankful to have her in my life.  I am looking forward to watching this little one grow up.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

SO........Slow to post

OK,  I know I have been lazy and have not posted anything for quite a while but thought I would try to do something tonight.  I am sorry Jack that I didn't post earlier about your graduation.
 Yes, Jack graduated from the University of Michigan with a  degree in engineering.  That is quite an accomplishment.  It is a very good program and he completed it with honors.  Good Job Jack!!!!!
We all met the night before for a nice dinner.  Hail, Hail, the gangs all here.
 It was a beautiful spring day in Ann Arbor.  The family was  seated and ready for the beginning of the graduation ceremony in 'The BIG House'  We didn't expect such beautiful warm weather and several people got a little sunburned.
 Jack and his gang walking in.  Sue managed to find a space to take this picture.  It is amazing what a proud mother can do to get a good picture. 
 And proud she is. 
 The whole family showed up.
 And of course, the proud aunt and uncle.
 Later that night we all went out to dinner and Danielle (David's girlfriend) joined us.  She is in dental school at Michigan but has been very busy so I haven't seen her for quite a while.  They make such a cute couple.
 That evening we opened gifts and Jack entertained us with his usual 'happy go lucky' self.  The bow tie was the tie he wore for graduation and the other tie was the first layer 'extra' layer that he put on.  He received quite a few new additions to his new professional wardrobe so he just kept piling things on. 
 On went a new t-shirt and many other layers.  I guess you had to be there to get the whole picture.  Anyway it was a fun evening.
 The next morning we all met for breakfast and parted ways, all going back to our home and respective schools.  What a great family and the THIRD one to graduate from Michigan so they are smart too.
On our way home we stopped in Coleman very briefly to put a spring wreath on Mom and Dad's gravesite.  I am now ready for Memorial Day.

There it is!!!  I'm not sure what was holding me up from making this post but finally I managed to get it done.