Sunday, April 28, 2013

Little to say so will say little.

Last Sunday we had dinner with the Nobles.  It had been a while since we had talked and wanted to find out about their trip to Latvia and Estonia over Easter Break.  They went with Charlotte's school choir and performed in several towns.  It sounded like a wonderful trip.  

Wednesday Leo came up to visit us and spend the night.  He was looking to get out of Clare for a short time and we are a short drive north for him.  I served him some home cooked meals and did my best to entertain him while he was here.  He did let me take his picture here although he did protest a bit since he really doesn't like to have his picture taken right now.  I am going down on Tuesday for the LAST time and spending a couple of nights.  Well, not the last time but you know what I mean.  he will be thankful when this is all over.  I am thankful that I have been available to help him and thankful that it is almost over.  Now we will just wait.  

SO, that is all for now, I tried to say a  little but not too little.  

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Whether the Weather be Cold....

 The crocus are TRYING to come up in my garden.
The snow is TRYING to melt in our driveway.

It is a daily battle between the snow and the crocus buds, I am hoping the crocus win this battle but I heard the forecast is for more snow flurries tonight.  Such is N. Michigan.
I remember this poem from our Third Grade Reader when I taught and thanks to Google, I was able to find it.  I thought it would be appropriate for today.

Whether the Weather be Cold...

Whether the weather be cold
Whether the weather be hot
We'll weather the weather, whatever the weather
Whether we like it or not

I don't know the author, I didn't look that far in the entry on Google.  It sure describes the weather in N. Michigan.  

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

North Carolina and Tennessee travels

Monday morning we left the Cape.  Leaving behind those wonderful babies, Sara, Leo and Erik was difficult but we will be back, I am sure.  We took 2 days to travel to our next destination in North Carolina.  The drive was nice, through the countryside avoiding the big cities of the coast and going inland a bit.  The trees were just beginning to 'bud out' and the 'red buds' were beautiful.
We arrived in N. Carolina in time for a reunion with some T.C. friends that live there and one of our neighbors up here was visiting then too.  What a wonderful coincidence.  We caught up with everyone's activities and then headed over to David's house to be settled by bedtime.
 Paul is still playing the violin and he gave us a little concert of his music while he was practicing.  He is now 16 and getting taller with every visit.

One morning we got up early and drove over to see Olivia and have breakfast with her.  After the breakfast, Bud and Paul went hiking.  I went back with David to the medical school and read while he taught a class and then took me home.
Joseph is reluctant to pose for pictures so this is the best I could get from him.  One morning he took David and Bud to a nearby island and they did a little target practice.  Joseph is really interested in hunting and guns.
Paul always talks Bud into a game of Monopoly
Friday morning we left N. Carolina and headed for Tennessee to visit Matt and Diana and the girls.  That evening B. had a practice with her little league team.  It was a wonderful evening and a nice chance to be outside and enjoy the sunshine, not to mention watch the team practice.
A. practiced her piano so we were able to enjoy some music.  All the girls are taking piano lessons at their new home.
Speaking of new home, here it is.  It is a beautiful home in a great subdivision on a large lot of 2 acres.  We walked around the subdivision one afternoon and it truly is a great area, close to town but with lots of spaces between the houses.
The weather was fantastic on Saturday so we loaded up the bikes, borrowed a couple of bikes for Bud and me and went out to enjoy the out of doors.  It started with a picnic to fortify our bodies.
Everyone looked 'fit' and stylish.
The girls had fun posing for the pictures.
A healthy looking group.  Unfortunately we forgot the sunscreen and all went home with a bit of sunburn on various parts of our bodies that were exposed and I went home with a sore seat because I am out of shape.
Matt and Diana cooked wonderful meals for us.
The 'pink' faces were radiant from all the sunshine AND the joy of seeing us, I hope.
The big pile of steaks were devoured by the hungry group that spend the day in the sun and exercising.
We had a few early birthday presents for Diana.  This one was from Eva.
I brought along a few 'jewels' for the girls, some little stretchy rings that will be fun to wear.
Everyone was having fun playing solitair.  Here A. is learning from Diana.
B. and I learned to play in November and like to play together.
H. was into her technology but still a wonderful person to sit and chat with.
SO, the new home.  Here is the street view.
A. is doing a little clover picking.
Our Sunday walk included a trip to the nearby pond that was full of ducks and turtles.
I wanted a group picture but didn't have the skill to set up one so took them individually. I just couldn't find the right place to prop up my camera and wasn't interested in fooling around to do the work needed.  I needed Jessica there to help me.

 Somehow this picture of Diana and their bedroom popped up here in the wrong spot, I am sure it is my fault but here is their bedroom with Diana coming out of the bathroom.  It is an nice sized room that looks out over the back yard.

H. has a new room all to herself.
And she loves decorating her door.
A. has a room to herself too and is relaxing while reading a book in the afternoon.
The girls all share this pretty bathroom upstairs.
And B. has a room to herself too.  She was outside when I was taking a picture tour of the house.
The living room is nice and spacious for everyone although Matt plans to put on a new garage this summer and turn the garage they have now into a family room/den.
The kitchen and dining room are great and big enough to hold the family and a few guests.  They have done a great job of decorating and looking settled into their new home.  
 The back yard is spacious and there is room for a nice garden.
The back deck is a very inviting space for the family to relax on a cool evening.

We had a wonderful time, put a lot of miles on our Subaru but were so happy that we were able to see so much of the family on this trip.  We have been doing some version of this trip for many years and love the idea of being able to visit our families in their homes and spend this time together.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Babies, babies, babies

I"m sure no one wants to hear what I have to say, they just want to see the pictures of the babies so I will keep my words brief.
We were surprised and blessed with the arrival of Erik the same day that we were coming to the Cape, in fact we picked him up from the bus because we were driving right by the stop from the airport the same time he arrived.  What a wonderful bonus, Erik AND babies.

 It is hard to discribe what wonderful little babies they are, so cute and precious.  They even tolerated an aunt and uncle taking care of them while Momma and Daddy went to class.  Of course Grandma was around for support so we didn't cause too much trauma. 

 If you have food, you can be popular.

 The day was sunny but chilly so a walk was a good way to get some fresh air.
 Uncle Bud was teaching Isak how to read things on his phone.
 Sara used 'old' technology with Sofi, reading her a book that Gram brought.  It does a teachers heart good to see little ones read to early.  There isn't any substitute for a good story.
 Erik and Bud grilled steaks.  Sofi loves to sit at the table and watch but no steaks just yet.
 Sunday we took an outing to Providence Town.  It was cool and windy but we loved the fresh air and Uncle Bud did a great job of carrying Isak around. 
 Of course a little hot coffee helps with the wind chill.

 Aunt Jess sent some cute little 'tag' blankest for the babies.  She is so creative.

 Aunt Della made some cloth books for the babie. 
 And some quilts for their larger beds. 
 Sunday night was lobster night.  We did a good job of eating all the food that Erik cooked. 

One more Uncle Erik picture.
We had a great time and have moved on to N. Carolina.  Further adventures to come. Weather is warmer and we are in our summer clothes now.