Friday, April 17, 2015

The final stops on our epic journey

About 4,600 more or less miles, we are back home.  What an epic journey.
 When I last left off we visited David at UVA.  The next day we visited Bud's Uncle Tom who lives in Silver Springs MD, just outside D.C.  He is recovering from an airplane accident that occurred a couple of months ago.  He is 82 and in great health.  He was the copilot in a small plane that crashed right after take off.  He had several broken bones and spent some time in the hospital and rehab.  He was recently proclaimed free of rehab services and back home on his own.  The man on the right is Bud's cousin who is also named Warren.  He and his wife live in the area so we were able to see them too.

The lady in the middle is Margaret, Uncle Tom's friend.  She and Tom are both widows and great companions.  She is a real gem and took great care of Tom while he was recovering.  Myla is Warren's wife.  We had a great afternoon of talking and catching up and then a terrific dinner together with Tom's daughter.  We had to leave them behind and head north so that we could reach our next destination on time. 

 Our goal was to drive all day the next day and reach Cape Cod by dinner time.  We did manage that task. We arrived in time to join the 'tribe' for dinner.  Around the table are Jessica (Tina's daughter) a friend staying for the weekend, Dikki, Tina, Lara, Erik, (my empty spot) Bud, and Sara.  Leo was at class and Anthony, Jessica's husband and two children were out for the evening. It was a great meal and a chance to spend time with the 'tribe."

 Saturday there was a seminar at the house which included Jessica, Sara, Tina, and Dikki and the houseguest so Erik, Lara, Bud and I were in charge of the twins.  We went for a nice walk and did a pretty good job of entertaining the twins or maybe they did a good job of entertaining us. 
 Since they had a full house at the Cape, Bud and I rented a room at a nearby hotel that had poolside rooms.  This SO reminded us of the great times we had many years ago when we would go to Grand Rapids and do the same with Eva and David and all the kids.  It is always a fun time to sit around the pool and eat pizza.  Isak really took to the water quickly with Dad at his side. 
 Sofi was a little slower entering the pool area but still loved it. 
 She and Mom had fun together.  We also invited Jessica, Anthony and their kids to join us.  It was a great evening and a good chance for the twins to get accustomed to the water since they are going to take swimming classes soon. 
 Sunday was also a fantastic and exciting day.  Wellfleet was have a very family friendly celebration called 'Touch the Truck".  What a great idea.  All the area BIG truck owners brought their BIG equipment to the parking lot and families could bring their children to climb all over the equipment.  We had a great time and it was special to spend it with the twins. 
Of course Isak loved climbing over everything and 'driving' all kinds of trucks. 
 Sofi had a great time too,
 Anything BIG with a steering wheel is a hit with Isak.
 Sofi had fun too.
 They were giving away "hard hats" and what a great surprise that they had a pink one for Sofi.  Pink is her new favorite color.
 He looks pretty great too.
Sunday afternoon we took off heading home, hoping to get a few miles down the road on the final part of our trip.  Monday we spent the whole day on the road and spent the night in Port Huron, tired from all those miles we had traveled. 
Tuesday morning we headed north, stopping in Burch Run to buy some new spring clothes for me.
 Finally we stopped in Coleman to drop off a treat for Leo.  He wasn't home when we arrived but there was clear evidence that he has been working this spring.  He has begun to clear out his pole barn.  He has quite a collection of equipment, some working and some just in parts.  I told him he needs to put a sign on the end of his road and have people come down and 'make an offer' for some of this stuff.  It would save him hauling it to the dump and maybe give him space to park in this garage in the winter,  I am sure he won't take my advice.  One person's junk is another person's treasures.  I am sure that he would feel the same way about my 'stash' in my sewing room.
 He has been working on the 'lawn' area round his house and almost has it all leveled out, ready for some grass this summer.  It is looking good and so is he. 

My final stop was at Mom and Dad's graves to clear off the old wreath.  I didn't have the new one to put on so will need to go back before Memorial Day and put one on.

SO, there you have it.  All those miles on our trip.  We had a wonderful time but decided that we won't do it again.  It was just too many miles to travel and too much time on the road even though we broke it up with many stops to see family and friends.
Glad to be home and VERY glad to have spent time with so many wonderful people. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

And on we go

 We had a GREAT time with the Angove's but we had to move on.  We did manage to spend some time at the beach with them.  My white skin stayed under the umbrella but the warm breezes swept those  cold winter days right out of our minds.
 It a beautiful beach within walking distance of their condo. 
 We traveled a ways up the road to visit Bill and Joan.  They are spending the winter at an RV campgrounds north of Tampa.  We stayed in a nearby hotel.
 The beaches aren't as spectacular in this part of Florida but it was still warm.
 Easter Sunday we went to the 'potluck' at the park community center.  The food was delicious, especially the desserts. 
 We went to a nearby nature reserve and took a tour of the wildlife.  Bill and Joan are NOT the wildlife this was a great picture and you can see all the vegetation around our little boat. 
 We watched the feeding of the Manatees 
 Checked out the alligators and just enjoyed many other local creatures.  It was a fun day. 
 Back on the road we went on Monday.  We left the warmth of Florida and headed north. We arrived today (Wednesday) in Charlottesville, Virginia and took the tour of Thomas Jefferson's home Monticello.
 This is a slave home.
 of course the main home.
 Then we went looking for David as he is going to medical school here at the University of Virginia.  We found his apartment and chatted before heading to the historic campus.  The boys did indulge me a little and let me take some pictures. 

This university was started by Thomas Jefferson and is a beautiful campus.
Then we went exploring for Mexican food since it was raining and we couldn't go to the historic downtown area as we would not be able to find a close parking space.  This little place turned out to be wonderful.  Next visit we will try to have warmer and less rainy weather and explore downtown.  We are looking forward to many more visits with David and it is always good to have new places to explore. 

SO, on we go with our travels.  Tomorrow we head to the D.C. area to visit Bud's uncle and then on to Cape Cod.  We are having a wonderful time visiting family and friends and are always happy that we are missing the snow in Michigan because it seems it HAS been cold and snowing occasionally still in Michigan. 

Friday, April 3, 2015


We arrived at our first Florida stop on Tuesday.  We are staying with our T.C. friends the Angove's.  They have rented a condo in Sarasota for the months of March and April.  We are planning to stay here until Saturday morning and then move a little north to visit another couple. 

 Wednesday we went over to the Ringling Brothers house/museum and toured the displays and the art museum on the grounds 
 I was almost tempted to join the circus but settled for this picture.
 Larry and Kathy have been excellent hosts.  We decided that no one should be shot out of this cannon. 
 There was a little wait to tour the house so we were forced to sit in the sun and enjoy the warmth.  What a beautiful day. 
Thursday Kathy and I did some shopping.  I found a couple of cute tops AND a beautiful ring that I just decided I needed as a memento of this trip.  I will try to remember to take a picture of it and post it in all its loveliness later. 
 Today (Friday) we finally made it to the beach.  I know, I know it is hard to believe that we waited this long to sit in the sun but yesterday we decided to go to the movies and see the newly released move Woman in Gold.  Everyone wanted to see it so as always is the case while on vacation, if you want to do it you should.
 I sat in the shade of the umbrella but the rest of them took in the rays.
We were quite the group. 
The trip continues as we escape the cold of N. Michigan.