Thursday, September 17, 2015

Catching up

I have been agonizing over whether to continue this blogging thing or just go to FB with my posts.  I like the format of my blog better for explaining pictures and giving 'more of the story'.  I know it is OK to continue both of them but am still unsure if very many people want the LONG explanation of the blog entry.  But anyway here goes the long one. 
Over Labor Day weekend we celebrated Sue's birthday.
 Jack was home from his new job/life in Wisconsin.  He is doing VERY well as an engineer in Madison.
 Of course, Charlotte was still home, waiting to go back to college in Appleton. 
 AND Brittany came over from Wisconsin for the weekend too, in fact she, Jack and John took the ferry over.  It seems to be quicker than driving all the way around.  It was a great weekend and I am NOT going to say how old Sue was on her birthday.
 The next week, as Charlotte was getting ready to head over to Appleton and her second year at Lawrence University, we decided to go out sailing one more evening.  WELL, I guess it was really Charlotte that decided we should go out sailing.  Bud and I were thinking of taking her out to dinner before she left and she said she would rather go sailing one more time.  Of course we thought it was  a terrific idea.  As you can see it was a nearly perfect night on the water. 
 Bud talked Charlotte into driving a while.  He gave her a few reminders on how to sail.  She did take sailing classes when she was little.
 And then he sat down and let her take over. 
 She sure is a beautiful lady.
 It was a little chilly as the sun began to set but we came prepared for cool weather. 
 I just continued to snap pictures of the sunset and this beautiful area.
 We are thankful to Charlotte for getting us out on the water one more time this year.  She is nicely settled at college for another year. 
 Bud and I continue to work on our redecorating.  Last weekend he worked on 'finishing touches' in the bedroom/bathroom area.  We have completed all the painting in that area and are now only waiting for the carpet man to come and lay down the carpet.  Then Bud will order his new desk and move desks out of our living room. 
I went to work on the wallpaper in the dining room.  We put the paper up on this wall not long after we moved in this house.  I covered this wall with family pictures for many years.  It was time for a change so I took all the pictures down and am going to put some seasonal quilts up on the wall.  I have the fall one already and have plans for other seasons in the works. 
 Thanks to Google, I was able to find out how to remove wallpaper. I took off the outer layer quite easily and then following the Google directions of a mixture of  fabric softener in a spray bottle, I was able to take off all of the paper that was remaining. It was a pretty effective solution. 
I was able to get the wall pretty clean.  There is still some paste left on the wall and I probably need to tackle that with some stronger chemicals but it looks pretty good. 

SO.....  That is the longer version of my last few weeks.  I still don't know which format is better but I will try to continue on both.  If you have a vote, let me know.