Monday, January 11, 2016

My weekend of birthdays, movies, snow and football games

This was a busy weekend for us.  Saturday we hit the road to travel to Coleman.  Leo did call me and warn us that there was a 'winter storm warning' but being true N. Michigan travelers, we ignored his warning and went anyway.  My baby brother only turns 60 once in his life and I wanted to help him celebrate.  The actual date is this Wednesday, the 13th if anyone wants to wish him Happy Birthday. 
 We arrived before any storm and relaxed a little bit before heading to Midland to meet with Branden and Denise  for dinner and then headed to the movies.  We settled on the movie JOY which was kind of a 'chick flick' but the 'guy' movies were a bit to violent for the women and the men were just happy to be in the company of such wonderful women.  It was a good movie., a 'feel good' true story. 
 After the movie we went back to Leo's house for dessert.  I had made apple crisp and Leo had some ice cream on hand.  The weather wasn't too threatening and we sat around and talked while the football game was on mute.  It was a great evening. 
 Bud and I spent the night and Leo fixed us a great breakfast in the morning.  The snow did come in the night but it wasn't that bad.  We headed out about 11.  I thought I would include this picture of Leo's little house in the woods.  It is a beautiful little setting.  In the morning he took me to a corner of the house and showed me 2 deer that had spent the night in the woods right outside his window.  I am so thankful that he has this home in the woods.  I consider it one of my greatest accomplishments, helping him make the arrangements for this house. 
 It was a snowy drive home (Bud drove home because I drove down knowing that the snow would probably come and the drive home would be a bit more difficult)  When we arrived home the house looked pretty snowy. 
 The view from the inside down toward Grand Traverse bay was pretty snowy.  The snow came a bit stronger all afternoon and of course it was quite cold.  You can't even see the bay in this picture and you couldn't even see to the bottom of the hill during some squalls.  I understand a 'clipper is coming in tonight so we will probably be getting some more snow. 
We arrived home in plenty of time for me to do a little laundry before going over to Sue and Walt's house to watch the Green Bay Packers and have dinner.  The game was off to a poor start for the Packers but they made up for it later in the game.  Bud and I took dinner over and it was a fun evening.  We are thankful to have family living so close so we can share an occasional evening together watching football and enjoying good food. 

There you have it, my weekend.  It was a great time for family.  I am thankful that my baby brother is around to celebrate his 60th birthday.