Thursday, March 31, 2016

We took a quick trip to Grand Rapids to see family

Tuesday morning we were up early and on the road heading to Grand Rapids because Matt and Diana were in town AND to see all the GR family too. 
 We arrived in time to have lunch and headed out to Meijer Gardens.  We spent quite a bit of time in the butterfly exhibit and then headed out to check out the gardens.  I took quite a few family pictures of those nieces and nephew AND of course the great-grand nieces and nephew.  They are a cute bunch.
 You may wonder why I am taking a picture of Matt and Diana posed like this but behind them there is a sculpture of a very similar pose and they are REALLY  trying hard to embarrass their children. 
 I took this picture of B before I saw the sign that you were suppose to stay off the sculptures.  I am sure I'm not the first one that has NOT seen the sign or just ignored it.  I really don't know why they have such inviting sculptures and won't let you take pictures of people on them. 
 These butterfly sculptures were seats AND you were allowed to sit on them  Gram had her picture taken with her grandchildren except for the littlest one because he was sleeping in his stroller. 
 This little sweetie had a great time and was a wonderful little girl as we walked and walked and walked around the gardens AND her brother was able to sleep the whole time. 
 We did wake him up so that he could be in this picture.  This big horse sculpture is quite spectacular. 
 After a long day at work, Daddy came home and had a little floor time with his littlest one. 
 Eva fixed a fantastic dinner for everyone.  I was surprised by the arrival of Leo.  He drove over to have dinner with us. 
 He also had a little baby time.  They look pretty comfortable together. 
 We did celebrate Jessica's birthday with 'Death by Chocolate"  I'm not sure that this little girl knew what all those candles were for. 
She did try to help Momma with the tradition of blowing them out. Maybe she will be better as she is almost 2 and will have a chance to try it on her own. 
So, there you go.....Our trip to see family was fantastic.  We drove back the same night but it was well worth the time driving to see everyone. 

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