Friday, April 15, 2016

Cape Cod FUN

We had a terrific trip to Cape Cod.  We left Grand Rapids on Thursday morning, drove through Canada, spent the night in Albany and arrived at the cape in time to have lunch.  We were a little early since Sara and Leo both had to work so we found this fun little 'tea shop' for lunch.  Bud was glad to see at least one other guy was in the room when we went in. 
 It was a nice little place to enjoy an early tea. 
 We also stopped at a local grocery store to pick up dinner for the family.  Ribs, coleslaw and roasted potatoes were on the menu.  Erik and Lara came over for dinner too.  It was a great meal and wonderful company.
 I took along some treats for the kids.  I had these wonderful binoculars that were a real hit with Sofi and Isak.
 I also took along some wonderful 'jingle bell' noise makers.  They are at such a cute age and so full of fun and energy. 
 Saturday morning we were up early for breakfast.  Isak was so intent on pealing his egg. 

We went out to check out the Wellfleet area.  The binoculars were a good thing to have while exploring. 
 This picture is a little out of order as this is part of our Sunday hike.  Aren't they a great looking group though???
 We had a great time 'spying' things on our walk around Wellfleet. 

I LOVE that Isak was helping me find some jewelry for myself and YES, I did manage to buy a few things for myself.  Sofi helped me pick out a ring. 
The flowers were just beginning to bloom
We did have to rest now and then and enjoy the sunshine.
Even the adults spent some time soaking up the sunshine. 
In the afternoon Leo stayed home with the kidos while they napped and Bud went out with the girls to check out some of the quaint towns on the cape. 
Gram bought the kidso new P.J.s and they loved them

Sunday we went on another walk.  It was nice to get out in the sunshine even though it was a little chilly. 
The rocks were warm and a great place to climb and pose for pictures. 
And maybe even a pretend nap. 
Isak loved climbing on this BIG rock with the help of Uncle Bud. 
Sunday brought Erik and Lara back in town and they came over for dinner and to help cook. 
These two did most of the cooking.  Tacos were on the menu.
The whole Cape Cod tribe were there for dinner which also included Sara's mom, Tina, Anthony, Jessica and their three children.  It was a great evening and nice to see everyone.  It is a wonderful tribe and I am thankful to be a part of the group a few times a year. 
Monday morning was time to leave already.  Sara has Monday's off and the kids have preschool in the morning so we followed them to school and had a chance to see their school. 
It is hard to say good by after such a wonderful weekend but we gave hugs and were thankful for the great weekend together.
We were back home by Tuesday night, our hearts filled with memories and love. 

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